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The Cumberland Post
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Locust Down

The wind got up a bit last night as the storms passed through, but it wasn't too bad in these parts. According to the Tennesseean, Nashville and Middle Tennessee got mostly strong winds and heavy, driving rain. Certainly we didn't have anything near as bad as the folks in Yazoo, MS.

We had over a hundred locust trees on our place when we first moved here 37 years ago, but over time, most have been blown down or rotted or fell of their own volition. A couple more of the old, weakened ones were blown over in last night's storm. They fell away from the house so there's no damage, just a lot of chainsaw work for me next week. Here's a pic of one of them...

Here's another view of the same tree...

The top branches came over into the driveway about three or four feet when it fell and it would have done some damage to our car had we not pulled it in the garage last night. Since we got about $6000 damage to our car in a hailstorm in TX in 2008, we've been wary of the ice from the sky.

The strong winds blew some locust blossoms onto our deck as well. But there are still a lot of them waiting to fall next week.

While I was out there surveying the damage, I noticed that the trumpet vines (at least that's what we call them) are beginning to flower.


  1. Dan, I was happy to hear that a few downed trees were the extent of your damage. I worried about all my friends eastward from here after I felt the punch myself.

    Glad to know that you'll have something to occupy you on your birthday. ;)

    If I forget to congratulate you on hitting the BIG 7 - 0, just take this is a congrats!

    Beautiful place where you live, for sure!

  2. Thank God, the only damage was to the locusts - and good riddance to them.

  3. Andy, thanks for worrying a little about us Volunteers and for the birthday congrats.

    Pat, Good riddance is right. The locusts are nice for about one week a year. The rest of the time they suck.