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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Goodlettsville Wins Little League US World Series Title

In case you missed it, our home town boys won the US Little League World Series title in Williamsport, PA, today as they defeated Petaluma, CA, 24-16.

In a roller coaster battle, they saw a ten run lead evaporate in the 6th inning as Petaluma came back to tie it up. But the Goodlettsvillians were not to be denied and answered with 9 runs of their own in the top of the 7th to win it.

They play Japan, winner of the International title, tomorrow for the World championship.

Go Goodlettsville!


  1. Good on your boys!

    Whup 'em good, fellers!!!

  2. Sigh...

    Okay, Dan, I did not get to look at the championship game. I was occupied with life. Just sayin'...

    But, HEXED OUT BY A "10 RUN RULE???"


    As my beloved Granddaddy would have said, "WAIT! We ain't had our 'ups' yet!' "

    Good on the Goodlettsville boys for getting as far as they did! Fine young men, I'm sure!

    I'll bet that if they'd have got their "ups," it'd have been a whole different outcome.

    (I hate the ten run rule. Pretty sure it was enacted by a bunch of pansies. Just sayin'...)

  3. Andy and Buck, thanks for your comments. They did at least win the US championship. The Japanese team was very good; their pitching was excellent and they could really hit. I think it would have been a closer game if the TN boys had been able to use their best pitcher again, but he had already used up all his pitch count. But, like Cubs fans always say, Wait till next year!