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The Cumberland Post
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Home from the West

It's good to finally be back home. Our visit to TX turned into a longer stay that we earlier thought, and we enjoyed every minute with our grandkids.

But it's good to be back home in TN; sleeping in our own bed tonight will be a real pleasure.

I'm tired now, and after the 660 mile drive (even with all the planned stops) I feel like I'm still in motion, but I wanted to post this old western song we heard tonight on the Sirius Willie's Roadhouse channel. The song is ""There's a Rainbow on the Rio Colorado."

What a great singer -- Wesley Tuttle -- and what a beautiful song and melody. There's a sweet fiddle break, some nice steel guitar, and an almost but not quite cowboy yodel. And the lyric...they just don't write them like this anymore.

Happy Belated New Year everybody!


  1. Welcome home! Nice tune, that... and it reminds me that I've spent a few hours on the banks of the Colorado.

    1. Good to be back, Buck. Were you stationed near the river or just travelin'?

  2. Welcome back Dan! (To your home of course and, speaking selfishly, to the blog.)

    I remember the days of driving cross-country. 500 mile days and trying to sleep in a motel where you feel like you're still moving. Can't say I really miss it, but sometimes I do. (The old freedom of the open road thing I guess.)

  3. Thanks, Sarge. Travel is great, and so is visiting grandkids, but as they say in the movies, "there's no place like home."