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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Democratic Platform

My Isaac Litton HS pal Bob Bell sent me this; it's a great example of Reagan's ability to communicate, and, in this instance, tell a fantastic joke. I think you'll agree that the punchline is a political smackdown with much contemporary relevance.


  1. God, I miss RayGun! 'nuff said.

    First man I ever cast a ballot for to live in the big house. First politician I ever really admired. First politician I ever had arguments with friends over. First politician that I ever realized was just "human" like the rest of us. First politician that ever spoke to me like my Granddaddy would.

    God, I miss RayGun!

    He passed away the same week that my father-in-law did (he was in very bad shape for a long time, just as President Reagan was), so there was a lot of emotional junk going on with Pam at the time. It's a long story, but I actually got my chops busted because it seemed that I was grieving more about President Reagan's death than I was my father-in-law's.

    Hey, didn't I say " 'nuff said?" Sorry to ramble, Dan. " 'nuff said" should have done it.

    But, you are cursed with a wordy visitor that types out loud.

    Deal with it.

    Thanks for the video, Dan.

    God, I miss RayGun.

    Did I mention that?

  2. Heh. The Gipper was awfully damned good at the podium, no doubt. You don't teach that sorta thang, either you have it or you don't... and most people, let alone politicians, DON'T.

    Nice post, Andy! ;-)

  3. You're right, Buck. You either got it, or you don't.

    Of course, there are a lot of folks that have "it" that never enter the arena of politics.

    I'll go to my grave believing that I was blessed to have lived in the US under Mr. Reagan's presidency. Warts and all...a fine man.