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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pop Car and Culture Quiz

Sorry about that long hiatus, Cletus.

Way back in the day when I taught college classes, I would sometimes give "pop" quizzes, pop in the sense of unannounced. Students would moan and groan a little, but since the quizzes didn't count that much overall, they dealt with them. As a matter of fact, I sometimes used these quizzes to give myself a little time to get my act together after a long night of "academic preparation." Heh.

The word "pop" can of course also mean popular, as in pop culture. The pop quiz today has that meaning too. For today's quiz post, let me first deal with the hat tip question. Super blogger Andy sometimes does these "guess the movie" posts. Some of you have probably seen them. He usually has an obscure movie with some lame actor in it from the '80s and he gives you a whole bunch of clues designed to lead you on a wild snipe chase. I've been on some of those chases, so I know what I'm talking about.

What I'm saying is, I don't owe Andy anything. My quiz is nothing like Andy's "guess the movie" posts. In the first place, my quiz will give you a sporting chance. And there won't be any of those red herrings he loves so much. Those things stink. A lot.

So, without further adoobeedoo, here's the quiz.

1. I'm starting with an easy one. Guess the car and the movie. It's easy because you've got a picture of the main stud actor right there lookin' at you. Hint the car is from '57. I know it's kinda bashed up but what make and model is it?
After letting you see the star and one of his cars, if you don't get this one, you need to go out and get yourself some hard corn liquor. Knowhattimean?

2. Again, name the car and the movie. This movie (also from the late '50s) is something of a "cult" movie. The star of the movie was in the news recently. I'm sorry to say she died and there were some unusual circumstances about the body. But you don't have to name her, just the movie and the car. As for the car, be sure and look closely at the rear before you make your ID. The lady in the car (all women in the '50s were ladies) is apparently looking up at something that has startled her. The guy hasn't seen it yet or he'd be bug eyed for sure. If I showed you what the lady was looking at this question would be too easy. A reminder, don't let my word choice here in the last two sentences throw you off.

3. Again, name the movie and the car. This one could be easy because I'm showing you the main actor in the movie (there was also a big name actress in the movie but I ain't showing her). The movie was a big star vehicle in the '50s for both the actor and actress and was based on a famous play. The car should be easy too. If I was the quizzee instead of the quizzer, I'd get this car right away. I used to own one exactly like this, only mine was yellow/gold and cream instead of that crappy blue.
I could give you the name of the playwright but I ain't. There were two really well known playwrights in the '50s. One was basically a commie "intellectual" although he did get lucky with the ladies at least one time in his marital history. But this commie guy is not the playwright who wrote the play that this movie is based on. It's the other guy, who lived in NYC, New Orleans, and Key West during his life.

4.Now we move forward a decade. Once again, the car and the movie. And this time also name the "other" car in the movie. This is so easy you'll probably get this as fast as superman runs.
In case you missed it, the last sentence before the car picture was a hint.

5. Enough of that '60s stuff; we're back in the '50s in spades. Once again, the car and the movie. And if you name the star you get some bonus points. I'm embarrassed that this is so easy.
If you asked what caused me to put such an easy question on this quiz, I'd have to say I was without such a cause. I just did it because I'm a nice guy and I don't want you to bust a brain vein trying to remember it.

6. Again with the '50s. This one is different. But easy. What does the pretty young entertainer have in common with the car. To get full credit, you have to be precise. Hint: Study the autograph. I said the autograph silly. Get your eyes on the autograph.


  1. I'll take question #2 for $50. Is it a Chrysler Imperial

  2. George, It is indeed a Chrysler Imperial. The model year is the same year the movie came out.

    Is it summer up there yet?

    How's the truck rebuild coming?

  3. I don't know Jack about movies but I'm kinda-sorta good about cars. #1 is a '57 Ford; #2 is an Imperial, also a '57 (I think); #3 is a '57 Ford; #4 is Bullitt's Mustang, which was chasing or bein' chased by a Dodge Charger; #5 looks like a '49 Merc; and #6 is a '52 or '53 Caddy with the oh-so-cool Dagmar bumperettes. My Caddy had 'em, too.

    No googling was used in formulating these answers. ;-)

  4. Thanks for asking. The ongoing truck project ended as of yesterday. put 150 miles on the remanufactured long block...runs smooth. I've got a huge smile on my face. I'm now free to move on with my life. Days 70's nights 40's Life is good

  5. Buck, You did damn good. You got all the cars right (I'm giving you credit for the Imperial even though it was a '58) and you got the movie right too in #4, Bullit. You nailed #6 as well, proving your intimate knowledge of Caddies and where their famous "bumperettes" got their name.

    The other movies are:

    1.Thunder Road. That's Robert Mitchum and the car is a '57 Ford Fairlane.

    2. Attack of the 50' Woman, from 1958. The actress who played the '50 foot babe in the movie (Yvette something) died recently and her body wasn't found for sometime; the delay apparently caused it to mummify.

    3. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Liz Taylor and Paul Newman. The famous playwright BTW was Tennessee Williams.

    4. See Buck's answer above.

    5. Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean. 1949 Mercury. It's been said that this is the movie that solidified the "lead sled" rep of the '49 and '50 Mercs with the hot rod people.

    6. As Buck said, the entertainer was a young woman named Dagmar and her bosomy attributes (with some help from the bra designers of the '50s) became forever linked with those Caddy bumperettes in the cool car lingo of the time. The car in the pic is a '53 Caddy.

  6. George, Glad you got 'er done.

  7. Dan, I saw this the other day. To be honest, the only one I knew right off was #3. I just watched that last week on Netflix.

    I'm just about half a generation behind to really know these.


    But, thanks for the education, my friend!

  8. Andy, thanks for the comment, you young whippersnapper. Enjoy your break from blogging but as Turturro's character says in "O Brother," "Don't Seek The Treasure!"

  9. 1. Thunder Road 1958 57 Ford Fairlane 500

    2. Attack of the 50 foot woman 1958 Chrysler Imperial

    3.Cat on a hot tin roof 1958 57 Ford Country Sedan

    4 Bullitt 1968 68 Mustang Fastback

    5. Rebel without a cause 1955 49 Mercury

    6. (Unknown about this one)
    All great movies and I've seen many more. I used to run pop quizes and contests just like this in the diecast car groups and discussion sites I am members of... Good one here!!
    I guess this proves what a "COUCH POTATO" I am...