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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birds Know Bluegrass

I love most bluegrass music. But you don't have to love it to appreciate what happens in this video. At about the 1:35 point in the song "Mordecai," something happens to singer Josh Williams. Stay with it and see how cool this entertainer's reaction is to the unexpected. Amazing.

I recommend watching this on youtube (just click on the logo) so you can make the screen size larger.

UPDATE: I forgot to give a hat tip to Bob Bell for sending me this video. Thanks, Bob.


  1. Now that was just pretty danged cool... especially in full-screen. I'm surprised the bird just stayed there on the guitar, cool as cool can be.

  2. Heh! Thanks for the grin this morning. Buck had a jumping dog that started me off right.

    And, this one will surely kick me out the door with a spring in my step. The tune, too...

  3. Great Banjo pickin too!
    The bird was neat.