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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Days Like This: Van Morrison

It's a pretty good day so far. The light snow we had Thursday night is all gone. Slept pretty well. Finally got a new writing project going. Plenty of good football coming later. I know, the day ain't over yet, but it's good now and I'm rolling with it.

"Well my mama told me there'd be days like this. When everything falls into place. Like the flip of a switch."


Hey, I found this one too. One of my favorites and it fits the day. "Cleaning Windows." "I'm a workin' man in my prime."

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  1. Wow. Van must have mellowed in his old age. I quit looking for his stuff on the Tube o' You about three years ago coz the ONLY things available were three or four "officially authorized" clips from his web site. Rumor had it that Van wasted no time prosecuting people who uploaded his stuff and the dearth of his material kinda bore that out.

    I hit the "watch on You Tube" option on "Days" and see there's a TON of his stuff there now. WOW! Van is my very favorite artist; I have a TON of his stuff, both on CD and vinyl.

    Glad your day is goin' well!