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The Cumberland Post
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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Some Bullets

  • My old Silvertone guitar came back from the repair shop (operated by Scooney's son, Rob), and it's in fine shape now. I still have to get new tuning machines for it; unfortunately I bought the wrong type, but Rob will install the new ones I've ordered when they come in. That's a pic of a Silvertone like mine at the bottom of the page.
  • We might get a little snow tomorrow and Saturday; that's what the weather people say anyway.
  • Bleh. I'm sick of politics. I hate to see the US military get cut, but dang it I'm glad the other sequester cuts are going to be made. These cuts are only a tiny fraction of government growth since 2007 but Obama and his cronies are acting like it's Armageddon. To mix a folk tale with a biblical allusion, if the sky does fall at some point in the next four years, Obama's warning about it (assuming he gives us one) will be ignored.
  • The Cumberland Post is coming up pretty fast on 100,000 page views. It's not a lot compared to some blogs but it's still very satisfying to me. I've discovered that some of my older posts continue to keep on attracting readers. My Audie Murphy Memorial Day tribute still leads, and I get quite a few hits on certain posts about Buick, Fiat, and other automobiles. Lately, I've had lots of readers interested in that old post about 16th avenue in Nashville. I think it's probably a result of the popularity of the new ABC TV show, Nashville. 
  • I'm trying to get a new mystery novel going and not having a lot of luck. Twenty pages in, I've hit a stone wall. This has happened before, but it's really bugging me this time.
  • Because I'm working on the novel, I won't be posting regularly. I'll still be reading my usual 3 or 4 blogs, and sometimes commenting. 
  • Thanks for reading.


  1. That's a fine lookin' guitar. Stay warm and dry this weekend, and don't worry about the block. Your words will come!

  2. I hope the old Silvertone is ready to knock out some new tunes. I can understand about the tuners, there are many to try to match up.
    Agree, the man living on Pennsylvania Ave has cried "Wolf" so much, apathy is setting in with folks. Does anyone really believe him anymore?
    I understand about the stone wall! I sit down to knock out a post on the blog, and I got nothing.

  3. Thanks Buck and Scooney. I always appreciate your comments.