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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Egg on My Face

I'm up late licking my wounds. Vandy lost to UT.

I admit to being the worst sports prognosticator in the entire known universe. I usually only make predictions about teams I support, and usually those predictions turn out to be wrong. My teams (at least when I make a prediction) lose. Always. I would be a superstitious egotist to assume that my picks have anything to do with the actual loss, but damn if it doesn't seem that way sometimes.

Take the Vandy-UT game tonight. I was over at Andy's Place earlier and made some kind of wild ass prediction that the Commodores would whup the Vols. History of course was against me (UT had won 28 of the last 29 games against Vandy), but that didn't stop me. Besides my own emotion (as a Vandy and a Cubs fan, I rarely get to feel any of that stuff), I based my prediction on UT's 0-6 record in the SEC as well as comparative scores--how Vandy did this year against SEC opponents that UT also played. Anyway, to make a long story as short as I can...Vandy lost. In overtime. Andy, that yellow goo on the floor of your comments box is the egg that's running off my face. Que sera, sera.

'Bout time to hit the sack. Here's a wonderful old Johnny Bond tune that makes a perfect lullaby. "Stars of the Midnight Ranges."


  1. Dooley's boys have had such a lousy season, I was actually pulling for Vandy last night. I think UT just got lucky at the end of the game!
    I really got into the LSU- Ole Miss game. Maybe the Colonel would have helped them. Stupid bear mascot just ain't the same! Ever heard of a Rebel bear?
    Great song by the way, plays well on a Sunday morning as well.

  2. To appear wise to others, think of something stupid to say and then say the for football predictions too.

  3. Scooney, I miss the Colonel too. When will the PC crap end?

  4. Hey George. Good to hear from you. And what you said is some very sound advice. Have you got your wood cut for the winter this year?

  5. I feel yore pain, Dan. Bein' an ND fan hasn't been much fun for the past few years.

    Bond's tune reminds me a little of The Sons of the Pioneers.

  6. Dan, you are not the worst picker in town. Trust me, I've got that market cornered.

    Dooley (commin' up the holler) really badly needed a win. I love the guy. He was head corch & AD at Louisiana of the cushiest jobs in all of mid-level sports...yet he left us to make his mark in the big-time.

    Poor boy.

    I am REALLY impressed with Vandy...and I'm not kidding. It is SO DANG hard to build a program in a conference like the SEC. But (as I noted in reply to your comment at my joint), Vandy is really on the right track. Y'all beat the Klan, and did extremely well against the Hawgz.'s just football.

    Buck mentioned The Sons of the Pioneers. I actually lived just a couple of miles from Bob Mincer (one of the original members, if memory serves) in SW Colorado. He was a helluvaguy! Bob was kinda the head of the Bar-D Chuckwagon band that performs nightly (in tourist season) in Durango, Colorado.

    Helluvaguy. I've got a really sad story about Bob that I don't feel like telling right now.

    Anyway...Corch Dooley REALLY needed a win (bless his pea-pickin' heart), and I'm sure you feel better about it now.

    BTW, Blogger is giving me hell trying to post this comment. This is my third try, so I'm going with Anonymous. Love, Andy