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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Andy's Place Is a Den of Iniquity

Andy recently found a site that will give your blog a rating based on its verbal content. He was surpised to learn that his blog has an R rating. Now I wasn't surprised at all by Andy's rating. I've always known that his blog is cesspool of degradation, a foul pit of whoremongering depravity, a veritable den of iniquity. Which is why I go over there so often!

Just kidding. Andy's Place is a down home respite from all the bad stuff out there today. You can always get a laugh or a chuckle at Andy's. I recommend it highly.

Andy, I figure that if I had more than 4 readers, the title of my post today would would send your sitemeter visit log into the stratosphere.

Here's my own stellar PG 13 rating. I received a less than G rating because of these words: gun (4x)dead (3x)hell (2x)bitch (1x)


  1. I was surprised that Andy's blog was rated R. Mine was too but I was not surprised.

  2. Dan, thank you for the kind words, sir! I'm giggling like a little schoolgirl right now, and I can't quit.

    Oh man...I'm just now getting over here...been busy.

    Yep...R-rated it is. It was the three words 1)crap 2)piss 3)screwed that gained me my shameful rating.

    Hey, I liked the "cowboy" post. We really have lost a lot of that spirit in this land. But, I hold out hope. There are some really good young people coming along. I've got a few of my own cowboys, and I know several others.

    Thanks again, Dan. For the recommendation, and for the chuckles.

  3. I'm PG-13, too... according to that oh-so-quick "read yer blog" bot. It obviously missed a lot of f-bombs.

  4. I'm PG-13, too. The rating-bot missed a LOT of f-bombs at my place.

  5. I HATE blogger. I got an error message... did a "back," refreshed the page, and no comment. So I redid it. And I'm now redundant. (sigh)

  6. Buck, we do allow redundancy here. As a matter of fact, it's most welcome. It's kind of an ex teacher thing. Say a thing. Say it again. Then say it one more time for good measure.

    But I know what you're talking about. I hate blogger too, but it seems to be the best thing going.

  7. Barry and Andy, you both may have R ratings, but you get an A in my book.

  8. Dan, for a really smart guy you are easily fooled. Just sayin'...

    Since I am in charge of the
    Den of Iniquity, I shall stick up for Blogger.

    Some of my most trusted fellow demons operate it, and we don't take kindly to criticism. So, watch your back...