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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Little Man

Barry the Barbarian at Born Again Redneck has a great new post on the "Small People," those people that both Obama and BP's Svanberg say they embrace. The condescension in their remarks smells like a rotting two day old dead cat.

Barry says,
I'm a capitalist pig but big businesses often do not have a free-market agenda. After all it was European aristocrats who invented socialism to keep the "small people" from rioting. Big businesses and socialists also prefer that the middle-class (especially small businessmen) not be too uppity. That's why their servants, the MSM, disparage the Tea Party movement. To them, we're all just "small people."
Do you remember the scene from O Brother, Where Art Thou where candidate for governor Homer Stokes makes his great speech about the "little man?"

Lying Politicians and dissembling Corporate Types have been claiming for centuries that they're for the "little man." And elitist Academics have even been known to dress down (in jeans, flannel shirts, and patched corduroy sport coats) to make themselves look like they're on the side of the little guy too.

But their vicious, spiteful response to the Tea Party movement shows their true colors. Because what is that movement but a group of loosely organized, ordinary people? In political parlance, Tea Partiers are truly the "small people."


  1. O Brother, Where Art Thou is one of the few Cohen brothers' movies I haven't seen mostly because I can't stand looking at George Clooney. He gives me the creeps.

    BTW After you mentioned To Hell and Back, I rented it and we watched the other night. Chas and Andy were suitably impressed.

  2. Oh yeah Barry...To Hell and Back is a treat.

    Dan, it's a darn shame that the world is made up of so many "users." Heck, I've been there and done that myself...though not in politics...other pursuits I'm not really comfortable talking about.

    It's a shame that I carry around. Sometimes I think I've finally released it to the Lord. I know I have His forgiveness...and have sought out those I used (for the most part) to make amends. But, it still nags.

    I wonder if it even "nags" these folks that they are such phonies. I guess it "takes one to know one" sometimes, and I can spot one a mile away. In the dark. While wearing sunglasses and earplugs.

    Man...that comment really ran off the road, and cleaned out both the ditches, huh?

  3. Barry, I agree completely about the Cohen bros. and Clooney's creepiness. But this one is the exception. We own a DVD and view it at least twice a year when we need a good laugh. "O Brother" is based on the story in the Odyssesy and Clooney is the trickster con man Ulysses Everett McGill. This movie will truly make you laugh out loud and remember funny lines forever. Besides the comedy, it's worth the price of a rental for (a) the old time music, and (b) the performances of Tim Blake Nelson as Delmar, one of Clooney's sidekicks, and Charles Durning as Gov. Menelaus "Pappy" O'Daniel.

  4. Barry, I forgot to mention that my Google nom de plume, Dapper Dan, is the name of the pomade that the vain Clooney uses in this movie. Glad your buddies like To Hell and Back.

  5. Andy, I know about those shames whereof you speak and they do nag. And nag. And nag. But, maybe we're too hard on ourselves. BTW the ditches along the road that leads to the Cumberland Post are frequently clogged, so you're welcome to clean them out any time.