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The Cumberland Post
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Friday, June 11, 2010

We Boogied, Now We're Back

We've finally recuperated from our 16 hour drive back home from Delaware. In retrospect, we're certainly old enough to know better. A leisurely two day trip would have been a lot less taxing. But the pull of "home" and our own bed was too great to resist.

We boogied and now we're back. So let's boogie some more. As in Guitar Wars Boogie. Do you know this guy: Tommy Emmanuel? I confess I never heard of him until recently. He's an Australian guitarist. Unbelievable.


  1. Do you know this guy: Tommy Emmanuel?

    Nope. New to me until just now, but I shall make myself better acquainted with him. Great find, Dan!

  2. Nuts, indeed! Shazzzzzzzzzzzzam! Finally getting around to catching up with you, Dan. I'll drop some thoughts further down the page.

    But, WOW!

  3. Buck, I'm looking at everything on youtube I can find. He made an album with Chet Atkins and if it's available, I may buy it.
    Paul, You're right. This guy is about as nuts with the guitar as Jerry Reed.
    Any, glad you liked it.