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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who Gives A S? WGAS 1

I'm introducing a new type of dump post today, and most of you will probably say WGAS. That's right. WGAS. Who. Gives. A. Sh-t.

You know the type of stuff I'm talking about. That stuff that somebody thinks is soooo important but which registers a minus 5 or lower on your personal GAS (give a sh-t) meter.

I know all of my readers are busy people who don't want to waste their time reading a lot of BS; therefore, you can think of what I'm doing as a public service. A quick glace at the WGAS list and you can ignore these little tidbits elswhere on the internet and go on about your bizniz.

So here goes.

A raccoon has shut down part of a state building in downtown Nashville. The writer doesn't identify the building but at the very least I hope it involves some state Democrat legislators.  Maybe the coon is a pissed off descendant of the animal that gave his skin and tail to make the famous hat worn by Tennessee senator Estes Kefauver during his political campaigns in the 40's and 50's. Let's hope the coon will head to Washington, D.C. after he's through here in TN. He might even join a tea party.

The brilliant genius Sheryl Crow has called Tea Party people "uneducated," "angry," and "potentially dangerous." She then retrieved a single sheet of toilet paper and asked interviewer Katy Couric to excuse her while she went to the bathroom. Wait a minute. Katy Couric? Geez, two geniuses on the same stage at the same time. There was probably enough brainpower there to change a lightbulb in the ladies room if necessary. Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Here's a pic of a relaxing, high IQ Crow during the interview. Speaking of IQ, men are sometimes accused of thinking with their p... Wonder what Crow's thinking with here? Wonder what Couric was thinking with? Hey. I lied about that pic. It wasn't made during the interview. But you know what, I don't GAS!

A bunch of "artists" are on record as opposing the Arizona law that cracks down on illegal immigration. They include such high visibility celebs as Gaia, Goldrat, and Oilhead. ??? Maybe I'm culturally illiterate, but who the hell are these people? Why aren't they locked up somewhere? Here's a pic of Oilhead. They look like a politically intelligent looking group don't they? I think that's a female with the pink hair. I think. Would you buy a used cellphone from these people? WGAS!

Twilight Eclipse has opened. It's about teen age vampires. There's a lot of sexual angst. I wish these people would just bite something. Bite me, for example. What a waste of celluloid. Take a look at this pic of the three principals. Do you really care if these people are sucking each other's blood? I say, WGAS!

This is Dapper Dan, your humble WGAS correspondent signing off till next time.


  1. Actually I like other peoples' WGAS lists but I'm not sure if they like mine.

    WGAS about Oilhead - unless they can be stuffed into the oil leak to plug it?

    There are several conservative Christian bloggers whom I know who take their kids to see Twilight. I have no idea but - de gustibus...

  2. After watching the evening broadcast news, generally it merits a "WGAS"!!

  3. Barry, that's a great idea about how to use Oilhead; maybe they could be stuffed in the leak and put Kevin Costner's oil sucking machine out of a job.

  4. Ed, you're right. Almost any broadcast news on any evening leaves me with that feeling of WGAS. Hope all is fine at the old Hacienda on the Ridge.

  5. Dan, I'm seriously laughing out loud. I didn't have time to get to this post until this morning. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

    Yeah, my DOGAS (Degree of GAS) runs pretty low on most of these experts like Crowe, and Oilhead.

    Man, what a perfect name for a crowd that looks like that.