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Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Cowboys: Don Edwards' "Little Joe the Wrangler"

Doesn't old Don sound a lot like Marty Robbins? He admits to being greatly influenced by Robbins.

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  1. Dan, that is CHOICE! Man, those two cowboy videos really brought back memories.

    We lived for four years in Ignacio, Colorado (about 25 miles from Durango, CO). I was 30 when we moved there, and 34 when we came back to Louisiana.

    Being a Southern boy, I knew all about redneck/country southern stuff. But, I had never REALLY experienced the Western US firsthand.

    Of course, I was a Marty Robbins fan (I think I've mentioned that before. And, btw Don does sound a good bit like Marty), but actually living there amongst the ranchers & real cowboys truly gave me an appreciation for the way of life.

    They held "Cowboy Poetry" festivals there occasionally. But, one thing that I really enjoyed about living in that area was that every Saturday night during the summer there was a rodeo at the Fairgrounds in Durango. I don't know if there still is now.

    And, we lived on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation. The tribe had a large arena that hosted many events. The Ironhorse Motorcycle Rally (if I'm remembering right) was one. But, they also hosted the PowWows, and "Indian Rodeos." Man, those Indian Cowboys were something to watch!

    I actually became friends with an old cowboy, or twelve. Gwaaaaa...I even get e-mails from the wife of a couple of them still.

    The stories are too long to tell, but I was privileged to know MANY old ranchers, and young fellows trying to keep the Western traditions alive.

    I came to know a guy that you might remember. His name was Bob Mincer. He was quite old when I met him (at least it seemed so at the time). If memory serves, he was one of the original Sons Of The Pioneers. He played the bass fiddle, and was one helluvaguy! I'm sure he's passed away now, but maybe not. I also got to know Gary Cook, who was a young guy, but a helluva guitarist (I think he won a few national championship competitions).

    They performed with the Bar-D Wranglers every night during tourist season. Oh man, it was fun to sit and visit with those guys. Real people! Real guys that REALLY grew up ranching, and loving the West, and the Cowboy way of life.

    Wow...that comment really went on way too long. Man, those were some of the best years of my life. Sometimes/often I wish I had stayed in The Four Corners. But, life happens.