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The Cumberland Post
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blackberry Winter

The blackberries are blooming in the fence row. It's been 20 degrees colder for the last few days. Thus, Blackberry Winter.

While taking the pic of the blackberries I also saw the honeysuckle beginning to bloom.

And some Irises. The Iris is the Tennessee state flower; although no color is specified, purple is the color usually identified. This one, given to us by a neighbor, is a mix of purple and white.


  1. All that GREEN! I kinda-sorta remember that... ;-)

  2. Hey Dan, my Mother-in-law always talks about a "Blackberry Frost." She grew up on the plains of Oklahoma, and says that's what they call that cold snap in late April/early May. So I guess they get the same weather patterns as you do in TN.

    Dan, my wife loves Iris bulbs. We've got blue, purple, and even "native." I don't like the "native Iris" so much, but she does.

    Buck noted, "All that GREEN!" Well...that's what I like about the South!

    Ours have all died out now in NW Louisiana. But, they were certainly glorious while they bloomed!

  3. Buck, I've been to NM and I know whereof you speak. But NM has its own beauties.

  4. We've also had a cool spring - almost cold some days. Damn global warming.