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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Funnies

Happy Mom's Day.

My Mom's been gone now about 14 months. But she always liked a good laugh.

Here' s a few political cartoons that my friend Ed sent me; I think they'd definitely give Mom a chuckle.


  1. Heh! Good ones, Dan. I'm sorry your Mom is not with you this Mother's Day. She must have been quite elderly, but I'm sure you miss her very much.

    I know about old folks. I had a Great Grandmother until I was 34 years old. She died at 104. Her sister died at 102, and another at 101. Her brother-in-law, my Great Great Uncle lived to 94, and died in a hunting accident. Really...hunting.

    I had another Great Grandmother that lived to 98. Such a blessing those old folks were.

    Have a blessed what's left of the day, Dan. BTW, I've got a guitarist post up...amazing...

  2. "President" BHO, a cross between the gene pool of Ichabod Crane and Hamlet's Polonius

  3. Great toons. Political cartoonists always amaze me -- the good ones create great visual metaphors that are instantly recognizable. My brain doesn't work that way...

    I lost my Mom around my 19th birthday... over 45 years ago. I still miss her, too. You were blessed to have your mother in your life for so long, Dan. I know my small words/thoughts don't help much when it comes to missing her, though.

  4. Thanks Andy. That guitarist is amazing. If I didn't find the whole thing so much fun, the war could be over with that one.

    Hey George, Are you in Montana yet?

    Buck, thanks for the kind words. It must have been really hard, losing your mom at 19.