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The Cumberland Post
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sisyphus Monday

We're working outside today, trying to "make hay while the sun shines." It's rained so much lately that we're behind on several things we started earlier and had to stop working on. Joyce is staining and I'm moving paving stones for a walk. Both tasks remind me of old Sisyphus, who is doomed to repeat the same task eternally. After a few years the stain will fade and the stones will have to be moved somewhere else.  Work is never done.

But, in my experience, work is good. And I don't care what the Sisyphean pessimists say, progress is made. Said progress has to be and is, in fact, slow.

In politics ironically, the problem is with the "progressives" or whatever Marxist euphemism they're using this year.

You see, in my opinon, the slow steady progress that we tortoise conservatives help the country make is constantly side tracked by the lib progressives' grand sounding utopian programs that always lead to terrible consequences.

Anyway, just a couple of quickie posts today and that's it. I'm back outside, working.

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