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The Cumberland Post
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Dobro Virtuoso for the Show

First day of sunshine in a month of sundays, so we took advantage of it to catch up on some yard work. It's too late and I'm too tired to do much with this now, but I'll add to this copy throughout the day.

Right now, just listen to a true dobro virtuoso. I know, you don't usually hear the term "virtuoso" in the same sentence with the word "dobro." But with Jerry Douglas, the two words go together like beans and taters. 


  1. Ha! That was fabulous, Dan! Thanks for introducing Mr. excellent addition to the show for sure!

  2. don't usually hear the term "virtuoso" in the same sentence with the word "dobro."

    Nope. The word usually heard is "y'all." Excellent piece.

    Dunno if you've ever glanced at my Blogger profile, but the last line under "favorite music" is "ANYTHING with dobro in it."

  3. Andy, glad you like Mr. Douglas.

    Buck, I did see that in your profile the first time I looked at your blog. I really enjoy dobro music as well. Have you heard of Bashful Brother Oswald, Roy Acuff's dobro sideman? I'll post something by him soon. I like electric steel (hawaiian) too as long as it doesn't get too twangy and twisty and dominating, like on some goshawful country records I've heard.