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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Important Video: Nashville Flood, May 1-3, 2010

Some have said that the Nashville Flood is the U.S.'s greatest non-hurricane disaster in history. Because of thin media coverage, many Americans are not aware of the devastation that occured or how Nashville's citizens have dealt with the disaster.

This morning, my friend Jeanne sent me a link to a youtube video about the flood, which I think is a must see. The video was posted by ExpressionsbyMisti and it gives the viewer a sense of what happened during and after the flood. The written commentary the video poster uses (not her own, but Patten Fuqua's) is excellent as well.

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  1. Dan, I posted this video after finally getting over here...been busy.


  2. This video is getting a LOT of blog exposure, as well it should. Too bad the MSM is clue-free for all intents and purposes.

  3. Thanks Andy for commenting.

    You too Buck.

    I've been too busy lately to even write my responses to comments.