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Friday, May 14, 2010

Guitar Wars: SRV and Jordan vs. Paul, Atkins, and Garland

My opponents in this war, Andy and Buck, have recently brought some powerful generals to the battlefield. To wit: Stevie Ray Vaughn and Stanley Jordan. I knew at some point SRV was coming. But Buck's unexpected and excellent song choice threw me completely off balance. And Andy's Stanley Jordan was a total shock. Jordan's relentless performance made me feel like Butch and Sundance when they keep saying "who are those guys?"

So, today, instead of a major offensive, I'm basically trying a holding action. I think it will take at least three major players to stop SRV and Jordan. Two of my guys have considerable name recognition outside the country field (Ford and Atkins). The other's rep is pretty much country only, but it is very strong. Can these three guys stop the advance of SRV and Jordan? You be the judge.

First, the internationally known Guitar Masters--Ford and Atkins...

And here's the "golden fingers" of Hank Garland on his famous "Sugarfoot Rag"...


  1. EVERY guitar-playin' rock 'n' roller in the world is following in Les Paul's footsteps. You beat me to the post here, Dan. My father was a big Les Paul/Mary Ford fan; I grew up on a steady diet of their work.

    Your other selection today was most excellent, too. Mr. Garland can play!

  2. Ha! That was cool, Dan. I had half-way heard of Hank Garland, but not sure I ever heard him play. It was fun seeing Faron Young introduce him.

    Faron was another of those Shreveport boys that made it big on The Louisiana Hayride. He was also a customer of my Grandfather at his appliance & TV store. I think he was called "The Hillbilly Heartthrob," even though he was a city boy, and there are no hills anywhere near Shreveport/Bossier.

    He killed himself, you know...damn shame.

    Les & Chet! What can one say? They are so good that you just take it for granted that they will be.

    Good choices, Dan. I'm working on my next punch. I hate to call it a "war." maybe a "competition" would be a better word.

    You are an educated fellow, so correct me if I'm wrong. I believe the word "compete" comes from the root "com," (together), and "petere." (to do one's best). It's something like that anyway.

    So, "competition" is really just that...doing one's best alongside others. I'll be around with mine sometime this afternoon.