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Saturday, April 24, 2010

George Carlin: For Al and His Inconvient Youth Shock Troops

As part of her Earth Day coverage, Conservative Lady reported on the latest step taken by guru Al Gore to ensure continued growth of his green empire--he has founded a youth movement to spread fears about man caused global warming.

Gore's Inconvenient Youth training program should include viewing the following George Carlin monologue about the idiocy of the "save the earth" movement. My friend Montana George over at Searching for Eldorado posted this Carlin piece recently on his blog. If enough of the Gore Youth saw this video, they might decide to abandon their guru and change their name to the Irrelevant Youth. Warning: It's Carlin so you can expect some adult language. Some cussin' in other words. Sometimes a fellow needs to do that to make a point. Dontcha think?

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