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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Ketchup

I stopped blogging for awhile. Just needed a break. Some ketchup things:

Joyce is doing great on the second drug in her regimen, taxol. It's much less debilitating to her than the first one. She only has three more treatments left (three weeks) and is looking forward to regaining her life. We're planning on doing a little celebrating.

Thanks to Bob Bell (proud owner of the beautiful 55 Buick convertible pictured in earlier posts), I've reconnected with my classmates from the 1958 graduating class of Isaac Litton High School. They have a monthly dinner and an annual summer picnic. It's been great to meet and talk to people I haven't seen in fifty years.

The season's finally over for the Preds. They lost to the Vancouver Canucks on Monday. Their playoff run got me a little more interested in the great sport of hockey and with Buck's and Canadian blogger-friend Deb's help, maybe I'll learn more about the game next season.


  1. Welcome back Dan. Such good news to hear about Joyce, hopefully the monster will be banished forever!
    I watched the Preds with great interest. What a fab accomplishment for a young team and the last game, the crowd really seemed to be in to it.

  2. What Deb said, for starters... especially about Joyce.

    Let it be known I was rootin' for your Preds. Srsly. Really. But that would have ended once they met the Wings in the WCF, had things turned out the way they SHOULD have. Just sayin'. ;-)

  3. Deb, thanks. That last game was a corker and a couple of the others weren't too shabby either.

    Buck, The Preds welcomed your support I'm sure. And Your Wings get mine tonight as they go up against San Jose (I think I remembered your opponent right, if not, let me know). Anywho, I'm pulling for the Wings to fly right on up to that silver cup.

  4. Welcome Back!

    I just finished the outstanding "Blood Country"! May I have your permission to discuss it on my blog?

  5. Deb, Wait'll next year!

    Staci, Thanks for reading it and you definitely have my permission to discuss Blood Country on your blog.