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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Smokin' Olds and Sweet Buick Century

My friend Bob Bell sent this pic along.

In the '50s the cars were so cool they even needed a smoke now and then. Hey, don't "Bogart" that butt Olds friend!

Speaking of Bob, it's been too long since I posted a pic of his fabulous '55 Buick Century convertible, so it's time for another pic or two. 

This is one beautiful car. He was telling me recently about driving it for a couple of days to two separate car shows and how after that it took some time to adjust to the feel of a modern steering wheel after driving the Buick. Those old '50 cars had larger, thinner steering wheels and they weren't quite so responsive as the ones on today's cars. 

I mentioned car shows. At the 12th annual Cruisin' the Ridge car show held at the Joelton Baptist Church, Bob's Buick was selected from 160 other cars for the "Club's Choice" Award. As soon as Bob sends me a picture of the award, I'll post it here in an update. I think his Buick must have dazzled the judges; don't you love those stunning Kelsey Hayes wire wheels? The pics here are the ones I took this summer at the Nashville Fairgrounds which appeared in an earlier post. Congratulations, Bob, on a great car and a great win.


  1. Most excellent. I love those old '50s cars and even tried my hand at putting an old '54 Caddy back together. You have NO ideer how much work that is (read as: bank account depleting device) until you try it yourself. Just sayin'.

    I noticed the handicapped tag on that Olds and that made my grin jes a lil bit wider.

  2. Buck, I've never restored a car myself, but I've had a friend or two who have and I've also read about others experiences. The amount of money it takes is staggering. BTW, I didn't notice he handicap tag until you pointed it out.

  3. Congrats to Bob, That Buick is spotless!

  4. Oh my, is that a vintage Buick? It looks sophisticatedly brand new, like it was just released from the factory! The maintenance and upkeep is quite remarkable! Bob’s really genius!

    Leisa Dreps