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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Jag Is Gone

We sold our 2000 Jaguar XK8 which we've owned and enjoyed for three years. It was a tough decision but I finally decided that it was time. As I was preparing an ad for Craigslist, Joyce got her weekly phone call from her brother Larry who lives in Florida. They were chatting away and she mentioned that we were selling our car. Larry said he was in the market for a used Corvette to drive on weekends but that I should send him some pictures of the Jag, which I did. Larry (who loves buying, owning, and selling cars and has owned by his own count 182! of them) moves quickly when he makes a decision. He and his wife flew up on the weekend, bought the Jag at a fair price and drove it back to Florida. So Black Beauty has gone to a good home.

I keep telling myself that the XK8 was just a car, a mechanical, material object--metal, rubber, glass, and a little wood--and that there was no real emotional attachment. So, I won't miss that long rakish hood and the simple, open growl of her grill. It'll be easy to forget those sweeping, fenderline curves that gracefully swelled outward voluptuously just in front of the rear wheels. (Her "hipness" always reminded me of a Reubens painting when I stood behind her and gazed at those curves.) Oh, and I certainly won't lose any sleep over the sensuous feel of that beautifully crafted leather and burlwood steering wheel. The rumble of her big V8 heart is already a distant memory. Sigh.

Farewell, Black Beauty.

Sorry if I'm getting a little sappy here. Guess I'd better post a few of those pics I sent to Larry.

I'm slipping in a little BB King to close this out. You know the song. This version is from way back in 1971. I was driving a Pinto in those days...


  1. Well written Dan, and what a beauty.

  2. I feel your pain and I REALLY mean that. I'm pretty sure there are only two, possibly three, cars that didn't break my heart on the occasion of their leaving. And those three were simply appliances, not love affairs. Cars DO have souls, or at least have the ability to touch ours. Your Jag certainly looks like she had that, in spades.

  3. IF the thrill is gone THEN you did the right thing. I remember seeing her at Cheddar's & Demo's. Joyce, you & her, I never thought you would do a threesome BUT you three looked great together. If you don't do your own repairs, she can be a high maintenance mistress. Ahhh BB King the best.