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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The News from Nashville This Week

1. Predators 3-Red Wings 2...Hockey fans in Nashville went wild after Wednesday night's opening playoff 3-2 victory over the Detroit Redwings, smashing and overturning cars, and setting fire to homeless people.

I made that part about the rioting up. But the Preds did defeat the Wings in a very rough (17 penalties) game with goalie Pekka Rinne getting 35 saves and defenseman Shea Weber getting fined $2500 .

Hockey fans are a special breed, and yes, Nashville fans are rowdy and loud but not destructive like certain basketball fans in that state to the North of Tennessee. (To any geography challenged readers, that would be Kentucky.) Which leads me to the next story...

2. Kentucky Man Gets On Opry...Speaking of Kentucky, one of that state's citizens made a brief stop in Nashville this week that  turned into a longer stay and an 'appearance on the Opry.' According to the Yahoo news story...

Police say he [William Todd] traveled there on a Greyhound bus from Kentucky before beginning his unprecedented crime spree. Upon arriving in Nashville, he allegedly broke into a local business called The Slaughterhouse, where he stole a Taser, revolver and shotgun. He then proceeded to steal a T-shirt from the Slaughterhouse before burning the business to the ground.

According to the news story, Todd allegedly committed ten felonies in nine hours in Nashville

After crashing his stolen cab into a local parking garage, Todd then quickly held another taxi driver at gunpoint. When police finally apprehended Todd, he was hiding atop Opryland, partially submerged in a water-cooling vat. The Metro Fire Department was brought in to assist in Todd's removal from the vat, using a bucket and ladder truck.

Okay, so he wasn't actually on the Opry, just on the Opryland Hotel which is nearby. And he was on the roof in a water cooling vat, not on stage.

When arrested, Todd had several water soaked original songs folded in his back pocket which he said he planned to show to singer Wynnona Judd in hopes of getting a recording contract. Not true. I just made that part up.

But, you just never know who's gonna get off the bus in Nashville.


  1. Wow. I've only passed through Kentucky once on the Interstate. It seemed nice enough, but little did I know!

    1. Inno, I worked there for 3 years in the '60s and it seemed to be a nice enough place. I'm not sure what was going on with this guy but I wonder if they gave him a test for drugs. Something he ingested must've made him chose to hide in a cooling vat on top of the hotel. I don't believe a person in complete possession of his faculties would chose to do that.

  2. Dan, that puts me in mind of that song that was WAY popular about a decade ago or so..."God bless the boys that make the noise on 16th Avenue." I think it was Jo Dee Messina that recorded it, but I'm not sure.

    I'm not sure about much these days.

    But, it was one helluva song.

    I had already heard that in the sport that features prize fighters on skates, Nashville luckied up and beat Detroit City. I don't know whether to huzzah, or cry.

    I'm conflicted on that one.

    But, while we're on about news from Nashville, I gots the skinny on something.

    Keep it under your hat.

    I hear tell that George and Tammy are splittin up!


    But, don't tell nobody.

    1. Andy, I believe that old song (a great one) was recorded by Lacy J. Dalton.

      I can understand your conflicted feelings about the Preds/Wings series, it being a hockey game and all and you folks from Loosiana not knowing there were other sports than college football. And since you get very little ice down there in winter, I'll give you a pass for not supporting a team from a stars and bars state against a team of Yankee interlopers and carpetbaggers.

      I am shocked beyond belief to hear that George and Tammy have split. What is the world comin' to?

  3. Right! Lacy J. Dalton. That WAS a good song.

    As to the hockey deal...nyuk!

  4. What? You couldn't find a mug shot of Weber? I'm SURE there's one around somewhere, in the "aggravated assault" category...

    But that's OK. He'll be playin' golf in about a week and a half.

    1. Buck, Bertuzzi gave him some pretty good payback last night. The Wings gave the Preds a reality check as well--and I don't believe they were wearing dresses.

      Did you hear about the "Webering" phenomena on social media? Here's a link to the Tennessean story about it...


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