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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trapped in an Old Country Song

There's probably been a country song written for just about everything a person can go through in this life.

In "Trapped in an Old Country Song," Cowboy Jack Clement and Don Robertson take that idea and turn it back toward the listener.
Did you ever just feel like a movie
Or a book or a story in a song,
Or did you hear some words for the first time today,
And find yourself hurting alone?
Heard this again recently on XM. Great song. Several artists have recorded it, but this is Ronnie Milsaps's version from youtube.


  1. Isn't XM just amazing? I found myself alternately grinning and sighing on my recent road trip, what with hearing songs I hadn't heard for years upon years. I'm thinkin' I need to take more road trips...

    As for bein' trapped in a song: it ain't just country music that has that quality. Yet another amazing thing about music, eh?

  2. XM makkes travelling a joy. We love it. And several times, late at night after a hard day on the road, tuning into one of those wild comedy channels will gives us the laughter and uplift we need to make that last 100 miles.
    And you're right about other kinds of music containing and expressing the human experience. The whole field of music, everything from an Opera aria to an Opry song amazes me. And some of the best stuff doesn't even need words!