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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dynamite: Vandy Wins!

I just read in the Nashville's City Paper that Vandy beat Ole Miss in Oxford, 28-14. Before they won today, the 'Dores had lost ten straight conference games. Man, we've got a real winning streak going now. Vandy has an open date next week and then faces UConn next week. We'll crush 'em. Here's "Dynamite," the Vandy fight song:

"Win or lose, the fates will choose." So that's it. It's not that Vandy's teams haven't been quite as good as those other brutes in the SEC, it's just that fate's been against us all these long years. I understand and accept that. I really do. I'm also a Cubs fan.


  1.'s just that fate's been against us all these long years.

    Heh. I have similar thoughts about the Irish.

  2. Woohoo! Good on Vandy! I knew y'all had a better squad this year after the LSU game.

    I am of course not a Vandy "fan," but nothing makes me happier than to see the Klan take one in the junk. Ole' Miss is the only team in our conference that I have true contempt for. I once saw Paul Mitchell list the "Top Ten most obnoxious fans in the SEC." #1 was the Rebels, #2 was Flarda, and #3 through 10 was the Rebels. Paul was right.

    I shall smile for a whole week...