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The Cumberland Post
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Dead Return

It's been awhile. Got some Deep Elem Blues.

Once I Knew A Preacher, Preached The Bible Thru And Thru
He Went Down To Deep Elem, Now His Preaching Days Are Thru


  1. Nice play on words with the title, Dan. Good to see ya posting again.

    Jerry Garcia doesn't get NEAR the credit he should, both as guitarist and lyricist. Neither do the Dead, for that matter. They're just a buncha "dirty hippies" outside of Deadhead circles. Shame, that.

  2. DAN! DAN THE MAN!!! Man, I got worried about you. I started to drop an e-mail just a couple of days ago to make sure you were still kickin'.

    You beat me to the punch, and obviously you are. Good to see that you're back in the saddle. Hope all is well.

    Okay...never was a fan of The Dead. To each they own, I reckon...

    Regardless, your post was like a cool drink of water on a miserably hot day.

  3. Buck, good to hear from you. I've been checking in on your blog regularly, just haven't commented much lately. Busy with this mystery manuscript. I've been trying to keep up with the Predators though, and studyin' up a bit on hockey. I thank you for that.

  4. Andy, Glad you stopped by. I've been doing fine, just busy. Speaking of doing fine, I saw a post last night on your blog about spittin' up blood. You better get that checked out my friend. Again, thanks for lookin' in.

  5. Oh Dan, I was just joshin' about the blood thing.

    And, I've got your blog on my Reader. Every time you post something I'm notified. Really glad to know that you're okay.

    Looking forward to the unveiling of the manuscript.