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Monday, January 31, 2011

Cookie's Funnies

A couple of years ago, I started reading a blog called The Cookshack: Gab and Grub. Cookie is a Vietnam era DAV Seabee, who also spent many years in law enforcement as a Detective Sergeant. Besides writing a cooking column for a Fish and Game magazine, he puts a lot of great stuff in his blog. When I checked in at his place a day or two ago, I found a couple of gems that made Joyce and I laugh so hard we actually cried. This first one is a video demo about some really new high tech stuff that's just come on the market.

In this one, Cookie has discovered the true origin of the famous Riverdance.


  1. First off "Dan", thanks fer the plug regard'n the Cookshack. Appreciated mate! Let me just say that I was very happy to also read about your political epiphany, welcome to the "Sunny Side" amigo. I'll get your blog listing into my blogroll first chance I get and maybe you'll pick up a reader or two.

    Dan, with all the heavy political shit and world events going on, I try to post humor, or at least political humor so the readers can have a break from all the "negative crap" on the net.

    BTW, thanks to "ECHO commenting", my commenting section is down, so what I've been doing is hand copying comments (I can see them but can't post them) and adding them to the dashboard copy, so feel free to leave comments.

    Again, thanks mate!

  2. P.S. Dan. If ya happen t'be look'n fer a recipe of some sort, just type the name into my search bar at the top of the blog and if I have one posted, it'll take you to it. Unfortunately, I don't have any index of recipe's.

    BTW, do you mind if I ask my readers fer their prayers regard'n your wife's condition?

    My personal e-mail address is

  3. Heh. Pretty good. But the second one isn't as funny as it used to could be. The age of advancing decrepitude bein' what it is, and all.

  4. Nyuk! That first one is way clever. Excuse my dirty mind, but I was half expecting the last guy's crotch to ring.

    The fart was MUCH funnier.