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Monday, June 13, 2011

Chinese Bluegrass

Well now, I'm not quite sure what to make of this. But I like it. A lot.

If it try to say anything else, it'll probably come out as a cliche. Good thing I once was an English Prof and I'm fully licensed to use cliches. So, stand back behind the police marker and I'll let 'er rip...

(Bluegrass) music is fun and it's universal. 

I warned you that it would be, well, a cliche, didn't I? But I think there's always a little truth lurking inside all that apparent cliche vapidity. A cliche had to start out at least with some connection to observable reality, right?

In the video, the Jaybirds (the bluegrass guys) are properly stoic (except for a smile or two) in their playing and demeanor as are the amazing Asian ladies. Man, those fingers are flying. By the way, I think the song is called "Katy Hill" and you can purchase it on iTunes now.


  1. Well, it's 6am in NW Montana...what a great way to start my day...these guys
    "kick-ass", Oops, did I just use a cliche?

  2. Wow! Those guys are good. Thanks for the waker-upper.
    blogger's still at it... sigh

  3. These gals have some hot licks going on those traditional instruments. Amazing!

  4. That just beats the HELL out of traditional Chinese music, which (to me) rivals fingernails on a chalkboard in the "annoying" category. Nice find, Dan.

  5. George, you're up awful early. Wish you could join us Thurs. night. BTW Sara talked to Joyce and we'll see her then.

    Deb, thanks for the comment and sorry about your blogger troubles. Hang in there.

    Scooney, definitely some hot licks!

    Buck, we're in full agreement about traditional Chinese music--it's cacophony to me. I wonder if most Chinese think the same about some of ours, e. g. Bluegrass?