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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home and You Are My Sunshine

Scooney and I were picking a little the other day and he came out with an old one that I really liked. You've heard it too, I'm sure. It's called "Home Sweet Home."

I searched around on You Tube and found a great little family band that does a real nice job with old this tune. They're called The Laon Family Band and that's Daddy on Bass, Momma on banjo and mandolin, and son on guitar. Their name, according to the channel notes, means "very joyful" in Korean.

The Laon family also do a great job on "You Are My Sunshine."

Check out their You Tube channel: lullaby0214.


  1. Mama can sure pick that banjo, can't she?

    Isn't it interesting how American music... jazz, blues, bluegrass, etc.... has gone global? That's not a recent thing, either.

  2. Dapper Dan, Recon they would want to sit in with us sometime?

  3. Buck, Mama can definitely pick! And yes, our music does seem to be heard every where. Obama will probably apologize for our cultural invasions.

    Scooney, That would be very cool. We could probably learn a lot!