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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Facebook Blues

What can I say? I just joined Facebook. It's been 45 minutes now and nobody likes me.

But I haven't tried Andy as a friend yet. I've been told that he's the Emperor of the Facebook. I know for certain that he's the Master of the Gooble. Still, what I heard about him being the Emporer of Facebook may just be rumor. He may not even be on Facebook for all I know. But if he is, and if I like him and he likes me back, I bet I'll have 1000's of friends. Andy, if you read this, just remember that I liked those tater chips you were raving about. I went right out and bought a bag.

And there's Scooney and Buck and Deb and Staci and Inno and Jeanne and George. Gee, I wonder where they all are...

They're probably not on Facebook or they'd be my friends. Oh well. Nobody likes me. I can live with it. There's always Alice. Not the one with the restaurant, but this one...


  1. Well, welcome to the FB! I'm on there under my real name. But there's a curious character on there by the name of Milford who might be AKA one of these people you mention.

    I just searched for you but couldn't find you. I'll keep tryin'!

  2. Yeah Dan...give us a link to your The Facebook page.

    Love, Milford...

  3. Staci, I just posted a response here and lost it. Anyway, Thanks for coming by. Sorry I haven't been by your blog in a while. I had it in the wrong group of favorites, but I just corrected that. I'm on FB under my real name, Dan Jewell.

  4. Okay...I see the request.

    You found me!


  5. Andy, A link is coming right up. Dang, those tater chips are good. I'm already up to 2 bags a day. I hope you're gettin your commission from the Kroger!

  6. Dan, unfortunately I did not make a deal with The Kroger folks before I started pushing their product.


    Hope you enjoy The Facebook. I stop and go with it. But with Fall coming up, I'll be on there more. When winter comes around, I'm a regular.

  7. I'm 71. I ain't never regular. Guess I need more fiber.

  8. I'm 71. I ain't never regular. Guess I need more fiber. Or more of them there tater chips.
    I just joined the FB only to keep up with an old friend (older than YOU Dan) and can't figger the dang thing out, but when I do will friend request you.

  9. Deb, and NOT feel like The Lone Ranger.

    It took me a good long while to really understand what was happening on The Facebook.

    That's when I went "alias." After I had made all my mistakes...gotten about a gazillion "friends" that I really didn't care to keep up with...I made the switch to one Milford Marwick.

    It has been a hoot...when I have time for it. Which is not often. (Okay, Engrish teachter, I know that weren't a sentence).

    BTW, might notice a bunch of worthless "Farmville" requests and junk from Milford. Let me tell you as I have ALL my other "friends," that IT IS NOT ME SENDING THOSE OUT!!!

    Nope. Pam started playing Farmville a while back, and she needed a couple of "neighbors." So, being the excellent husband I am, I said, "Hey, you can just log on to my The Facebook page and Farmville to your hearts' content." of the first things you'll need to know is that many of your "friends" will be playing "Farmville." (We're lookin' at you, Staci)!!!

    When you get one of those "Farmville" spam deals from one of your "Friends," just navigate to the top right hand corner until the little "X" appears. Click on that. It will give you several options. One will be, "Hide all by Staci." The next will be "Hide all by Farmville." Choose the second one, and you'll still get all of Staci's good junk, but your page will not be filled with a million Farmville junk deals.

    Same goes for the junk from "Milford."

    Just hide the "Farmville" junk.

    Don't hide my junk.

    That didn't come out right...

    You're welcome.