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The Cumberland Post
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Yup. It's true. There's life outside of the Internetz. So, I been doing other things.

Joyce finished her chemo at the end of May and soon after that we took a trip to TX to visit our son and his family.

Did some fishing out there in TX.

Watched movies and TV. Became an adequate player of the Green Lantern video game.

Started walking a mile or two a day at least four days a week.

Did a lot of reading (good old junk reading, my favorite kind).

Discovered a thriller writer I enjoy, Lee Child. I've devoured about seven of his "Jack Reacher" novels now. They keep you turning the pages.

We're going to Orlando with Barry and his family later this summer and we'll visit Joyce's brother who lives in Tampa and my aunt who lives in Lakeland. Because of this and some other hot weather projects, my posting here at the old CP through the rest of the summer will be very intermittent.

If you're a sometime reader of CP, I'll be dropping in on your blog from time to time to say hello and stay in touch. Stay cool and enjoy your summer.


  1. Discovered a thriller writer I enjoy, Lee Child. I've devoured about seven of his "Jack Reacher" novels now. They keep you turning the pages. Love him. I'm not 100% certain, but I think I've read them all.
    Enjoy your travels Dan.

  2. I was beginning to worry, Dan. Thanks for the update and I'm glad all is well.

  3. Deb, I've read about seven Reacher novels now, working on #8 and my mind is changing. Child is a good writer, but... the more I read the more I sense that lurking in back of his big hulking "dirty Harry" persona is a kind of Brit liberal sensibility that seems very much at odds with the surface character. The one I'm reading now, "Echo Burning" paints a naive and stereotypical picture of west TX bigotry with the big white knight Reacher as almost the only decent white guy who must save the poor illegals from all kinds of dastardly white villains. That's only one example, but there are others sprinkled all through the books. Still, I do enjoy them and Child is a master plotter.

    Buck, Thanks for worrying. I should've put up a gone fishin' sign a long time ago. Will do in the future.

  4. I'm sure glad you guys are able to have a getaway or two this summer after the devilish routine last winter and spring. You may actually have better weather in Florida than in Tennessee. Interesting observation about Child's philosophy. One's POV always seems to will out eventually. Speaking of points of view, thanks for following my new blog. I wonder how long it will be for Google Search to find it under Scandia South? So far, after a week it takes the full address: I'm looking forward to getting out more blogs.
    Have a great trip with your family. We'll see you and Joyce when you return. Jeanne