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The Cumberland Post
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 1: On the Road

This Marriot Motel has a nice easy to use wireless set up, so I thought I'd see if I could post something about our trip today.

Left around 10 a. m. We're retired. We rolled out early at somebody's beck and call for over 30 years, so now we don't get up early for nuttin' or nobody.

Somewhere before Atlanta (or after it, I can't remember which) we saw a road sign that said "Hell is real." Actually, I do remember. It was before Atlanta. Had to be. I guess it was a kind of warning about the traffic and all. Yeah, that was it.

Got a Garmin GPS a couple of months ago. First time to use the thing . It's fun. Or was, after I finally figured out what the big word "Go" positioned right in the middle of the screen meant. Smooth sailing after that. And she (Virgileena?) of the knowledgeable voice led us through all 9 circles of Dante's Atlanta with nary a hitch. Sorry, but somehow my English teacher button got pushed. Or it could've been the pinto beans I ate for supper.

They seem to have a lot of pecans down here in Tifton, GA. That's where we're spending the night.

Tomorrow we enter the Gator state. Hope we don't see any.

Yore humble correspondent,
Dapper Dan


  1. Oh, Atlanta. Last year I had the most horrible timing and transited Atlanta during rush hour in The Green Hornet With The Failing Clutch. It was stop and go for well over five miles... about 30 minutes, if memory serves... on I-20 and I literally held my breath and prayed. Not a fun time.

    I hear ya about rising and leaving when YOU want to leave! The best of all possible worlds...

    Have fun! Be safe!

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