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Monday, December 5, 2011

A Roy Rogers Cowboy Song for My Brother Dave (and George and Sara)

My brother Dave had hip replacement surgery early this morning. Everything went smoothly and he's doing fine. I spent most of the day in the hospital with him and Joyce joined me this afternoon. When we left around 8:30 p.m. he was doing okay. They plan to have him up and walking tomorrow, and if all goes according to plan, Dave will come home with us on Wednesday or Thursday and spend a few days until he gets back on his feet.

As I noted in an earlier post, Dave is a cowboy at heart, and so I'm posting this song for him. And also for good friends George and Sara, who caught the cowboy spirit and moved up to Montana about a year ago. I don't know if they've bought a ranch yet, but they are living the life under the Big Sky.

If you want to see the simple lyrics to this tune check out this blog; there are also some great pics of Roy and his family. By the way, I don't how you readers feel about the art of yodeling (it's a touchy subject with some people), but Roy has a really fine example of cowboy style yodeling at the end. I personally enjoy a good yodel myself.


  1. Glad to hear your brother's surgery went well. That song took me back to Saturday afternoons at the old Avalon theater in Des Moines when I saw plenty of those wholesome movies and enjoyed Roy's singing. He was a great yodeler, which is a difficult art. Not many can do that voice break so smoothly. Thanks for the memory.

  2. I'm glad your brother's surgery went well too.

    Ol' Roy was a boyhood hero of mine and I made the pilgrimage to his museum in Apple Valley when I was stationed about 30 miles up the road in Boron, CA back in the early 70s. It saddened me to read the museum was closed down a couple o' years back after bein' relocated to Branson... but I guess nothing is forever, eh?