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The Cumberland Post
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Eyes of Texas

It's a great state. We're visiting our son and his family.

The weather's good and we're having some fun with the grandkids.

Happy St. Pat's to you. And remember all you Irish and non Irish out there...


  1. didn't even stop to see me.?.?.?

    Never mind. Knowing where you went from to where you went to, you probably skipped Bossier City altogether.


  2. BTW...

  3. Ah. We wondered about your hiatus and we're glad it is what it is.

    Texas IS a great state. It pained me greatly to become a New Mexican, ALL o' which involved me givin' up my Texas driver's license and all that went with it.

  4. Hope the trip has been a good one. Stay safe coming home, see ya.