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The Cumberland Post
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm Ridin' A New Workhorse

This is the first post I've composed on the new computer. So far so good.

The new workhorse, a Gateway DX4860 UR15P with Windows 7, has a 3.0 GHz Intel Core i5 2320 processor, Intel HD graphics, a 1TB hard drive, a 4GB DDR3 memory, and a Mult-in-1 media card reader. Plus, the audio is much, much better than that on the old one.

The DX arrived around 5 PM. By 6:30 I had everything connected and pushed the power button. It worked!

After the first blue screen back in October, I signed on to Carbonite and began regular backups. I'm very glad I did that. Those backups are downloading from the Cloud as I write. All the photos, manuscripts, documents, etc. from the old machine will be restored to this new machine. The backups will take about 30 hours or so, which is fine by me since I can still use the computer as this is happening.  Also, when I downloaded Chrome and signed in, all of my bookmarks, etc. were reinstated as well.

All of this amazes me; it used to be a lot harder to start over with a new horse. This is the first time I've gone from one computer to another and been able to bring all my old stuff along.

Tomorrow morning, if the GLW (if the good Lord's willing), I'll be working on the router/booster problem. Maybe by tomorrow afternoon, our computer lives will be back on track. Maybe now I can post a little more regularly and read all the blogs on my morning list without worrying about a crash or a freeze up, or a blue screen.

The old horse (okay, I know this metaphor is wearing thin) carried me through three manuscripts and lots of pleasurable blog reading. But I won't miss her the way Cowboy singer Don Edwards misses his old horse, Old Stony. But if you pay attention to the lyric; even in his grief he notices that his new ride is doing a pretty dang good job.

Don Edwards, "West of the Round Corral."


  1. You and Andy, with the Carbonite thing. I back up locally on an outboard hard drive, always have. That said, it still took me a full day to restore everything... I HATE having to get a new box up and running.

    Nice tune. It IS hard to start over, in a lot of different ways.

  2. Buck, My router/extender issue, however, is proving much more difficult. I spent over 3 hours on the phone being directed by an Indian techie; I told him early on I thought the equipment was the problem, not the programming. But we went through everything several times before he finally said he'd have his supervisor call within 2 hours. Guess what? No call.

    Oh well. Tomorrow's another day.

    1. Why not buy a new router? They're pretty cheap nowadays... and you'd save yerself a LOT o' grief. OTOH, I understand the principle involved...