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The Cumberland Post
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No Title Post

Our computer situation is still dire here at the Post, but we are beginning to make some progress..

There are two problems.

1. After over a month of blue screens and freeze ups, our main Gateway desk top finally died last Thursday. It was not an easy death. The dang thing started whining like Piers Morgan after his ass whipping by Ben Shapiro and then the whine turned into a screaming, high pitched banshee wail. I quickly turned off the machine. I tried CPR but it was hopeless, "Gatemouth," as he was affectionately called around our offices, had passed. Gatemouth will be buried in our backyard alongside our first computer, that old warhorse, a good for nothing but word processing DECmate named Hiccup.

The next day I drove around to different stores to see if I could find another machine with Windows 7 (I've heard nothing good from anyone so far about Windows 8, even most of the sales people have nothing good to say about it). I couldn't find a machine locally. That meant I had to shop online.

2. The second problem is that our little wireless network here at the Post depends on two components, a router and and extender. The extender boosts the signal so that our blue ray player downstairs can receive it and we can watch Netflix movies. That particular component is malfunctioning which means we can't watch Netflix and, more importantly, Joyce's laptop can't get online either..

To be able to look for a new computer online, I disconnected the old computer from the Comcast cable and hooked it up to the laptop. So we got back online.

Once online, we looked at available computers with Windows 7 and found one we liked. I made the purchase on Sunday when there were 12 of this model available. On Monday, when I checked it again, the price had increased by $120 and there was only 1 remaining. So, by buying in on Sunday I saved some cash. The computer will arrive tomorrow.

When it's in place, I'll deal with the wireless extender, which I think is still under warranty.

If all goes according to plan, we should be back to normal later this week. That'll be just Okey Dokey with us. And Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown too.

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  1. I'm glad you resolved the computer issue, including finding a Win7 box. That's NOT easy to do (if ya hadn't noticed).

    Thanks for the Gatemouth, which is far and away better than a GateWAY.