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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cash and Steel

One of my favorite Johnny Cash tunes is "I Still Miss Someone." I first heard it in a Texas cafe in the late summer of 1958. That Fall when I began college in Tennessee, I caught it frequently on the only radio station in Pulaski. When I hear those first words as the song begins ("At my door the leaves are falling"), I'm always reminded of that season of the year, youthful loneliness, and the cyclical nature of human experience. Summer is ending, the year is ending. And if your romance has ended too, you look for a "darkened corner" while others party on.

Cash recorded several versions of "I Still Miss Someone." This is a later version that features a steel guitar, a most appropriate instrument, I think, to help express the youthful angst in these simple and beautiful lyrics.

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  1. Give a listen to this and wonder why Cash didn't sue Neil Young for lifting his song. The melody is slightly different, but only just barely.

    Both songs fall into my "hard to listen to" category, mainly because of the subject matter.