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Monday, April 11, 2011

Scooney and Dapper Dan Go to the Car Show: Part II Includes a Video

In March, Scooney accompanied me to a custom auto show in Nashville. We had a blast and I met up with and old HS friend I hadn't seen in over fifty years. I posted pictures of my old friend's Buick and a few others in an earlier post.

Yesterday, I threw together the remaining pics, added music, and made a little video. But, to get it on the blog, I had to save it to a different kind of file which considerably diminished the quality of the pics. Plus, all the pics showed up on the video with the damn Olympus stamp on them.

I'm tired of fooling around with the thing, but since I spent a couple of hours on it already, I'm posting it, flaws and all. But I am also including, below the video, a number of pics that I used in the video so you can clearly see the cars. Click on any of the individual pics below the vid to make them bigger.


  1. Man, we shore did see some purdy uns at that air car show, nice cars too!
    All em cars would be fine for whiskey runnin he'ar on the ridge. YeeeeeHaaaw!

  2. The vid was WAAAY-COOL, Dan, even with degraded pic quality. Thanks for posting the pics you used, too.

    I sure do miss the days when you could tell one car from another with only the briefest of glances...

  3. Mwa...mwa...mwa...mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Dan, I've been so dang busy that I've just now gotten to this. Jeepers, I wish I'da had an invite, and had been close enough to be a third wheel.

    The end reminds me of that old rhyme that Granddaddy used to say, "Car in ditch, man in tree. Moon was high, and so was he."

    Thanks for the video, Dan. I call that excellent work. You gots the skilz!