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Monday, April 25, 2011

Smashville Goes a Little Crazy Over Preds

Hockey fans in Nashville? As Sarah Palin would say, "You betcha!" Here's a video from WKRN TV Nashville which talks about the impact the Nashville fans have had on the team.

I'm sure some more experienced hockey fans around the league are yawning about all this excitement at just getting past the first round. The Tennessean's "take no prisoners" sports guy David Climer has a few words for you.
Note to all you hockey snobs: Stick it. Or high-stick it, if you will.
Read the rest of Climer's column; it's a good one.

This video from youtube shows the final seconds of the resilient Preds series victory over the Ducks and offers commentary on Nashville's success this year.


  1. Great minds and all that. I quoted Climer in one of my posts today, too.

  2. Climer, as I noted in my comment on EIP, can be a real asshat. BTW, I think that last regular season whipping the Wings gave to the Preds was a warning that if they do meet in the playoffs, the Preds should forget about their winning season record against them. Seems like the playoffs in any sport are a whole different ball (or puck) game.

  3. Ya might see us sooner than later, Dan... IF Chicago wins tonight!