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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Suffer a Fool

From Option:
Singer/songwriters Eric Brace and Peter Cooper both initially distinguished themselves as journalists, Brace at The Washington Post and Cooper at The Tennessean (where he remains their country critic). Both are first and foremost performers and part of a musicians/writers collective in East Nashville that offers an alternative direction for acoustic artists that’s far removed from Music Row’s radio-friendly demands. Master Sessions unites them with two giants from country and bluegrass, dobro ace Mike Auldridge and legendary steel guitarist Lloyd Green. 
And, in the "for whatever it's worth" department, Country Weekly reports that Peter Cooper is the journalist that Toby Keith cursed out last year after the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Brace and Cooper may be journalists, but they're also brilliant singer/songwriters. This song, "Suffer a Fool" is even getting a lot of airplay on WSM. Is it country? Is it folk? Americana? I don't know. You tell me. Whatever it is, it's very good.


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