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Monday, October 8, 2012

New Progressive iPem 4 Com Device

Progressives do love their new iPem 4 Communication and Entertainment Flip Pads.

iPem? Don't know what an iPem 4 is, haven't heard of the latest development in cool tech stuff? Man, you're just not with it.

Okay, okay, I'm pulling your leg. The iPem 4 is just my mnemonic device for remembering the four cornerstones of the progressive movement.

"I" or "i" is for identity politics. Progressives will protect your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, etc. They've got your back. Your front. Your side. And your color.

The "P" is for political correctness. Progressives will ensure that no racial or sexual or hateful words or phrases will ever be used in personal or public communication. Unless you happen to be speaking about George W. Bush or Mitt Romney.

The "e" is for environmentalism. Progressives will save the ocean, the rain forests, the world through regulatory and sustainability policies. The earth will stop warming and be cool, the icecaps will cease to melt, and the Katrina winds will subside.

And the "m" is for multiculturalism. Progressives will work to keep your native language and culture (African-American, Mexican-American, Asian-American, etc.) intact in the US. Relax, they down with that.

You've obviously heard of these things before. They are things that sound pretty darn good, don't they? Who could be opposed to saving the planet, for example?

But, as I was writing Ken Tool, Or Obamaism, I thought about the iPems and had a small epiphany. No, I didn't immediately call my doctor or take an asprin or a laxative. The epiphany just helped me realize something, see something in a new light.

These four great sounding, positive cornerstone values are all fronts or masks that hide destructive or disintegrating forces, sinister forces that work to reduce national cohesiveness and fragment the American body politic.

So, in the book I called them the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, those equine riding destroyers from the book of Revelations. Each of the four may look good on the surface, but in practice bring disunity and disintegration. Think about it.

The end result of identity politics is a squabbling rabble of groups more concerned with their own agenda than the good of the nation.

The major consequence of political correctness is an erosion of rights protected in the First Amendment to the constitution.

What the environmentalists have wrought is a rapidly expanding bog of regulations that is crippling domestic energy and manufacturing production.

The progressive party's emphasis on multiculturalism and protecting the language of various ethnic groups in the US is slowly shrinking use of the single most important element that maintains unity in the US, the English language. Multiculturalism also means regarding each culture's values as equal; this of course is relativism in action and destroys respect for the idea that there are universal values that we all share.

I suspect that many progressives don't realize that they are working to undermine the unity and success of the US. They just go along day to day playing games on their iPem and feeling good about themselves and their causes.

Did I just define a progressive TOOL? I believe I did.