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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ken Tool, Or Obamaism: Timely Ebook Satirizes the President's Politics

I have posted much since earlier in the summer because of work on a little writing project, Ken Tool, Or Obamaism. I've always had trouble with categories, expecially literary ones, so you can call this project a satire, or an over the top farce, or just plain old political humor--any category works for me.

It's the story of a naive young progressive guy, Ken Tool, who's the son of a wealthy California senator. Ken loves him some Obama and everything the community organizer in chief stands for. In the narrative we join Ken on election night 2008 right after he has just received his Ph. D. in political science from Berkeley. His grandfather senator Uborus Tool has a big post election celebration planned to celebrate Obama's victory and to announce Ken's intention to run for congress in Buttface, Arkansas.

From there, everything goes downhill for Ken as he experiences one disaster after another from being kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel, to serving time in Gitmo with dangerous terrorists, to losing his campaign for congress. Hollywood celebrities and mainstream "journalists" get their comeuppance as Ken struggles continue. Along the way he's also betrayed by his progressive tutor, Dr. Marx Pan-gas and rejected by the girl next door, Vaginia King. In the end, Ken realizes that almost all of the noxious events are a consequence of Obamaism.

Ken Tool, Or Obamaism is a 128 page ebook and is already listed in the Kindle store for $0.99; it's also "processing" for Nook as I write, so it should be in that store within another 24 hours. Here's the book trailer...


  1. Ah... I see you've been BUSY! Nice vid, too... didja do that yerself, Dan?

    1. Buck, Good to hear from you. Joyce and I were looking at your site last week to catch up a little and we nearly laughed our butts off at that German "waterbed" video you had posted. As for the trailer, yes, I did put that together on my windows "movie maker." I think it may be a bit long, but I felt an obligation to use all 4 pics I paid for on dreamstime and one other site. Heh. How's that Caddy drivin'?

    2. How's that Caddy drivin'?

      Very well, thank ya!