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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank You for Your Service

Today is Veterans Day, the day the nation has set aside to honor those who served in the military, the countless men and women who have protected our way of life and our freedom since Revolutionary war times.

I picked out a few of the great Veterans Day posters that I like in order to honor our veterans and to thank them for their service. And a special "thanks for your service" to those I know personally who served: my son (Air Force), my brother (Army), my grandson (Navy), my classmates, my colleagues, my students, my friends over the years, and my friends in the blogosphere. I salute you all.

I like all of these posters, but, counting down from the top, I think I like #4 below the best. What's your favorite?

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  1. Of the ones you've posted, I like the 2010 poster best. The names of the battles are very representative of our history and they're ecumenical in the sense they cover all the services: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and even the Merchant Marine.

    I spent a bit of time last evening (and in the wee hours this morning) looking at posters from Veterans Days past. It looks like ya did the same sorta thing, Dan.