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The Cumberland Post
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Computer Gods Toy with Us

After all those blue screens for several days, the computer mysteriously gave me a whole day yesterday of clear and clean surfing. This morning, five minutes in, the screen went blue again. I'm pretty sure my hard drive's gone soft. (Insert age appropriate smart ass remark here.)

I can imagine the scene on Computer Olympus. The king of the computer gods, Microsoftus says to his wife Googleus, "Why don't we mess with his mind a little. Give him one more day and he'll think everything is cleared up.Then we kill everything the next day. That'll be fun. Especially since it's Christmas."

Guess I'll have to spring for a new one tomorrow. Sigh.


  1. I HATE buying a new computer, mainly coz it means one entire day will be devoted to doing nothing but recovering files from the outboard hard drive, re-installing apps, and fixing various and sundry glitches that ALWAYS come up.

    I don't envy you.

  2. Dan, it don't look good. And Buck speaks the truth.

    Hopefully you're not a man of constant sorrow.

    Oh yes, I went there.