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Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Lunch: Link Soup

It's Link Soup for lunch today. Enjoy good reads at Right Klik, Barry the Barbarian, Conservative Lady, Andy'splace, and Exile in Portales

Right Klik has an uplifting post about an ordinary businessman who's decided to run for senate from Wisconsin. His name is Ron Johnson and the Tea Party member calls what's happened under the Obama administration "jaw dropping." Rather than bitch and moan about it, Mr. Johnson is putting his own fortune on the line and running for Senate. A Rasmussen poll shows him dead even with the incumbent, Russ Feingold.

Barry the Barbarian has a great snippet of satire from Op-toons Review: "White House Seeks Crisis with More Intellectual Depth." Barry also has a story to make those of us without the bodies of advertising models feel a bit better. Seems us ordinary people are just as sexy as the guys in the ads that show off their six pack abs or the super thin female models who strut around like coat hangers in their designer clothes.  Also, don't miss his essay with pics of Weird and Wonderful Buildings.

The Conservative Lady's spot is always an interesting place to visit. On my stop by there last night I saw this latest ad from Arizona Governor Brewer. It's fun, fun, funny.

Stop in at Andy's Place for a fun read on what it's like growing up without all the stuff these young whippersnappers today take for granted.

For all you Harley lovers and fantasizers out there, pay a visit to Buck's Exile in Portales blog for an "honest" ad about the great American Motorcycle. It's Totally Bad-Ass.


  1. Thanks for the linky-lurve, Dan. I'm chasing up the others in a moment or two.

  2. Dan, the piece linked at Right Klik was extremely interesting. Feingold is one of those guys that you love to hate, and hate to love. I mean, he's the Kucinich, and Paul of Wisconsin...but maybe not so much. I look at guys like Kucinich & Paul as true believers.

    I believe that Russ is just plain calculating. I doubt that this fellow will unseat him. But, I have been wrong before. There is a heavy "anti-incumbent" aroma in the air. I don't know the political temperature of Wisconsin, but if it anywhere nearing "normal," it could happen. And, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

    I read Barry's post, and took great heart! Not that I really care. A guy with bird legs, a pot belly, gray/#2 cut hair, and bad breath need not apply...and I'm employed full-time anyway.

    I really think being attractive to the opposite sex at "a certain age" has more to do with money than looks. Oh yeah, "charm" probably has something to do with it...but "rich" is "charming" to most folks. Danged shame. But, as I said, the market closed in the WAY BACK for me.

    I saw that video of Kermit. Good on Brewer! Tough broad! She seems to me to be more for real than most of those jockeying for top brass. Good on her!

    That Andy guy you linked sucks!

    I saw Buck's "Honest Harley Commercial." Bwahahahahahahahaha! It is now all over the Facebook pages of my Harley riding friends. Interestingly, I've gotten many e-mails from them, all saying "True...ain't it the truth...yeah, I know...yep...we was just talkin' about that last night, etc." (paraphrasing, of course, because this is a family friendly blog).

    Hope you enjoyed your soup. I know I did! Now, Cookies & Cream Ice cream, topped with my devilish peanut butter/Hershey's syrup/chopped pecan topping. (It's a secret recipe)

  3. Thanks for the link, Dan. Funny, I was just thinking of doing something similar one day with my blogging buddies.

  4. Barry, thank you for having such an interesting blog. Your political pieces are always fresh and enjoyable and I find the philosophical and religious finds interesting as well. Always like the stories and pics of your place (and your Andy and Chas) as well as the sitting and dining rooms and now the unusual buildings. Plus, there's usually a nice surprise that you couldn't find anywhere else. Take that story on Dunkirk for example. Great piece. Didn't expect it. I always love those unexpected pleasures best!

    Andy, glad you enjoyed the soup! I do hope JOhnson succeeds in his race against Feingold. It maybe a long shot, but like you say, this is the year of long shots. BTW, that Andy guy you refer to does not suck. His blog is the hottest spot east of Center, TX. Heh. Kidding aside, your blog is a great read; I especially enjoy your day to day comments and pics about what's going on in your family's life. Boy, that ice cream sounds gooooood.

    Buck, always glad to link to the Exile in Portales. I've never commented about it on your blog, but I do like your blog's name.Exile in Portales. Sounds like the refuge of some dashing political leader or possibly an outlaw who's been forced out of his home territory by scarlet women, noisy Harleys, evil opponents, cheap King Edward cigars, and bitter beer. Now he's living the good life in the sanctuary of Portales--offering good sound advice on good music, great motorcycles, special beers, special cigars, and lots of Red Wing love.

  5. ...who's been forced out of his home territory by scarlet women...

    Closer than you know, Dan. Waaay close!

    re: I look at guys like Kucinich...

    I look at Mrs. Kuchinich. About which... it's enough to make me think about going back over to the moonbat side. Further about which... now that I think on it, I had some GOOD lookin' hippie-chicks on my arm (heh), back in the day.

  6. Thanks for the link. It really is encouraging to know that smart and talented people care enough about this country to give until it hurts.

  7. I'm the proud owner of a HD 1200 Sportster. I've owned nothing but Harleys since I was 18 (now lookin' at 68 in the mirror). That being said, my next cycle will be a BMW (precursor to a wheelchair at my age). The engineering is light years ahead of the Milwaukee gurus...BUT...if ya wanna have sex with a double digit IQ "lady", Harley still is the motorcycle of choice...and..
    Dano, thanks for the links.

  8. George: "BUT...if ya wanna have sex with a double digit IQ "lady", Harley still is the motorcycle of choice..."