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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy...

I read the news today, oh boy. And I wanted to board the "Dixie Clipper" and fly away somewhere.

Unfortunately these glamorous flying boats are all gone now. So, I'll just try a funny pic fix instead. Again, thanks to Big Ed, my "source" for these fabulous funnies.

This guy cured one problem but began another.


How men screw up romance...

And...Golf for beginners...


  1. The Clipper pic made me nostalgic for an era I never knew. But I DID have the privilege of flying Pan Am back in the day when air travel was still "something," i.e., the '50s, '60s, and '70s. By that I mean when folks still dressed for the occasion, meals were excellent and we had beautiful, graceful (in every sense of the word) stewardesses rather than surly "flight attendants."

    Ah... I should stop right now, before my "get off my lawn!" tendencies become uncontrollable. ;-)

  2. Heh! I've seen the first two before, but the last one...Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!

    Aaaaaaah, if I'd have had one of those to shoot at, I may have actually made a triple bogey back in the day before I gave up the worthless game.

  3. Buck, I was a little too late for the Clippers too, but I saw pics and read about them as a kid. They've always fascinated me and I may pull together some research and do a post about them one day. I do remember polite stewardesses and the time when flying was a much more formal and enjoyable (at least to me) experience. And the "get off my lawn" tendencies I understand all too well. Must be a delayed gene or something that kicks in sometime after 50.

  4. Andy, I don't think I broke a hundred but maybe two times in all the time I played. I had friend once who had just bought a new set of clubs. His first shot off the tee went into the creek about 60 yards out. His face reddened but he brought himself under control, grabbed his bag, and walked slowly to the trash can and threw everything in, including his golf hat. After we both laughed for about an hour, he retrieved the bag and we finished the round. Thing is, he was a better player than I was! It's an infernal, frustrating "game."

  5. Dan, I played for about 5 years. When I was about 24, I was in a fouresome with my brother-in-law, and two brothers (Randy & Gary) that I had grown up with.

    On the 7th tee at Eastwood, I sank 9 straight tee shots into the lake. After the 9th, my driver ended up somewhere in the pine trees.

    Randy (one of the brothers) landed two in the same pond. By this time (and, he was more hot-tempered than I was), he was cursing, spewing, etc. On his next tee shot, he hit a pine tree, and the ball bounced straight back and landed about 60 feet "behind" the tee box. His driver ended up somewhere near mine, I'm sure.

    Randy and I walked off the course, and left my brother-in-law and Gary out there to "have their fun." I ran into Randy a few months ago, and we just guffawed about the whole 26 years later. I asked him if he ever played golf again. "Hell no! You?"