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Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Back

Hey out there in blog land. Your humble correspondent has finally decided to take up the keyboard again. This first post will basically be a few pics of our grandkids' adventures. I'll save my excuses and explanations about why I haven't posted for awhile until a little later.

We returned home from TX late Monday night July 12th (the trip was interminable to the grandkids since our car doesn't have video like their van), and had them to ourselves until the 16th when Barry and Teresa arrived from TX; Barry and family returned home on 19th. While they were here we visited the Adventure Museum, the Planetarium, the movies ("Despicable Me"-all of us, "Knight and Day"-Brent and I), a bowling alley, and two visits to a laser tag/game room.

We got a few pictures during the grandkids visit but unfortunately most didn't pan out. Our little Nikon is just about ready to give up the ghost--more on that later. But here's a few of the pics that did come out okay.

First up, here's our 6 year old grandson Daniel who pointed out to Joyce on the phone yesterday that he could easily be 9 if he just turned the number upside down. In this pic he's enjoying a giant lollipop after a visit to Cracker Barrel for lunch.

 Next is a photo of our visit to Beech Bend Water Park. That's son Barry after making a non printable statement about the orange clog pool shoes his Mom brought for him to wear; our daughter in law Teresa laughing at Barry, and in the foreground, grandson Brent (14) diplomatically making the peace sign.

I forgot to mention there was a war during July. I'm surprised it didn't make the news. Here's a photo of a major skirmish it that war. Brent attacks grandpa from the front with his water blaster on max while Daniel sneaks up by his side.

Brent checks his water blaster.

Even though I look semi-aggressive in this photo, as you can see, I'm the one who's soaked.

Finally, on our bowling night, here's Daniel demonstrating perfect "body English" after a shot.


  1. Good to have back on the Blog for provocative,
    and common sense approaches to these screwed up times.
    Grand kids are supposed to keep us young, but they sure wear me out!

  2. Here's a photo of a major skirmish it that war.

    You're a better Grandpa than I, Dan. The grandkids had water-blaster wars while I was in Pittsburgh and the FIRST Rule of Engagement was "NO adults get sprayed/shot/wet." Under pain of death. Or worse. They took that to heart, too.

    Glad to see ya back!

  3. Getting wet in your neck of the woods is probably a lot of fun but we've had the coldest summer in ages - 60F on a good day.

    As much as I like Crocs, I'd have been mad about orange Crocs too.

    Welcome back.

  4. Dan, I'm starting to think that we will not have grandchildren. Perhaps one of the boys will Father children, but I doubt the other three will.

    Long stories.

    But, I understand that they are a ton of fun. And, it seems as though yours prove that out.

    I think Buck is afraid of getting sprayed because it might douse his cigar. Just sayin'...

  5. Ed, thanks. And you're right about the grandkids. They kept us hopping.

    Buck, as Barry the Barbarian says in his comment, getting wet was a wise choice in this instance and the water war did cool us all down a bit.

    Barry, a lot of stuff in these parts is colored orange from a marketing standpoint to pick up on the University of TN angle (their athletic team colors are orange and white). But "Bo" (my son's family nickname) doesn't like UT all that much and is definitely not fond of orange.

    Andy, I have a gut feeling you'll get a grandkid or two eventually. Sometimes these things happen at their own speed.

  6. Dan, like I said, looooooooong stories.

    Heh! FDIL's Dad & Stepmom are huge UT fans (the ones that live in Jelico). Lemme see if I can find a post. Hang on.

    Here it is:

    When Phil and Jana went to TN to see her folks, they sent me back one of those big Orange foam #1 fingers that you wear on your hand.

    And, she e-mailed me a big Tennessee orange "T" for my desktop wallpaper. I still have it up there.

    BTW, if you read something I've posted from "Dr. Jill," that is FDIL's stepmother.

    But, I wouldn't wear orange crocs if she sent me some. I wouldn't even wear purple & gold crocs.

    Or crocs.