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The Cumberland Post
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Phoenix Flowering Bush

There's a Crepe Myrtle in our yard beside the carport. Our Lagerstroemia has been transplanted twice and has come back stronger each time. It was originally in my Mom's yard. We moved it here in 2008 and then moved it again in 2009 when we added the carport. It looked pretty bad all winter and we wondered if it would return. It did. It's now one big flowering bush.

We took about ten pics but our old camera works efficiently sometimes and at other times we get surprises.  Here's a couple that are at least viewable.

I took the first one from under the carport so the cropping is bad,
but it's one of the clearer ones we took.

My wife took this beauty at dusk.


  1. Well done! That's a beautiful bush.

  2. Crepe Myrtle is known as Pride of India in South Africa. Of course I can't grown it here - too cool. It needs a lot of heat.

  3. Dan, I love crepe myrtle. Everyone in our neighborhood has them. Watermelon, pink, white. They are gorgeous.

    We have a line of 6 dwarf ones that run down the side of a driveway. I love them.

    Several years ago, Pam and I went down to the Avery Island bird sanctuary and gardens. I'll swear, they have some crepe myrtles down there with trunks as broad as oaks. The things are like Redwood Crepe Myrtles! We were fascinated by them.